Experience a non-invasive solution to pain-free, restored knee mobility.

"It's been a blessing that I have my life back again... That I have my knee back again!"


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Person holding knee due to knee pain and unable to do daily activities. Needs a solution for knee pain and knee therapy.


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Knee Solutions

At Knee Solutions we have helped thousands of patients discover non-invasive, non-surgical solutions for a variety of knee problems, chronic knee pain, and knee function restoration.

Many of our patients were told surgery was their only option or that they are “bone on bone.” Through a variety of comprehensive solutions we have helped these patients avoid surgery, reduce or eliminate knee pain, and improve stability, mobility, and function.


How We Help

Our treatment protocol integrates advanced equipment with cutting-edge techniques, so we can hone in on the root cause of your chronic knee pain rather than merely addressing the symptoms. We use a combination of various therapies to help decrease inflammation, reduce pain, restore joint function, and facilitate natural healing.

By threading these diverse strategies into a holistic protocol, we go beyond managing pain. We address root causes, empowering our patients to lead lives free from chronic pain.

Patient Journey

Your Journey to
Knee Relief

Helping you restore your knee is all about putting you on a path towards optimal health. Your journey begins with a free initial consultation and treatment to assess the patient’s response and understand their unique needs.

By aligning our process with each patient’s unique symptoms, we are confident that we can help our patients live their best lives, free from the limitations of chronic knee pain.

Patient Journey at Knee Solutions
Active couple practice yoga in a sitting position without knee pain

Hope for Your Health

Beyond Just
Knee Solutions

Even though some patients finds us because we are their “last resort,” we have proven that there is an alternative to surgery. Even for patients who have been told they are “bone-on-bone”.

At Knee Solutions, we go beyond just helping get results for your knee pain, we also set you on a path for long-term success and optimal health. Enhancing your quality of life, restoring your mobility, and reducing or eliminating your pain is our priority.

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Experience a non-invasive solution to pain-free, restored knee mobility.

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