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Since 2013 we have seen an increased demand  for alternative solutions to surgery and other invasive methods of knee pain reversal.   Many patients have come to us after failed surgeries, unsuccessful therapies, and see  Knee Solutions as their last hope.

Our treatments have been proven to have long-lasting benefits, allowing our patients to have a better quality of life. Over the last decade we have continued to refine our techniques to get instantaneous responses even during initial treatments.

Through  our knee and weight-loss solutions we have seen long-term results in optimizing our patients’ quality of life.  Using techniques such as Trigenics along with laser, knee traction, and vibration we have seen  massive results in relieving chronic knee pain.

Person holding knee due to knee pain and unable to do daily activities. Needs a solution for knee pain and knee therapy.
Patient Journey at Knee Solutions


Your Knee Relief Treatment

Our treatments for chronic knee pain are  all natural and promote the body’s natural healing abilities to repair itself.  All of our techniques are non-invasive and do not use any pharmaceuticals.

Instead our treatment protocol integrates advanced equipment with cutting-edge techniques, so we can hone in on the root cause of your chronic knee pain rather than merely addressing the symptoms. We use a combination of various therapies to help decrease inflammation, reduce pain, restore joint function, and facilitate natural healing.

At your first visit we will perform a knee restoration assessment including an initial treatment to ensure you are a candidate for Knee Solutions.


Dr. Brian Prax

Many patients who visit us with knee problems were told that surgery was their only option or that they are “bone on bone.” I pride myself on being able to help those who consider us their “last resort”.

During my years of practice I discovered how impressive traction was for knees. Then in 2013, my mentor Dr. Andy Barlow, introduced me to Trigenics. Through Trigenics we were able to see significant improvement and sometimes 100% pain relief in just one  session!

Our goal is to help you avoid surgery, tremendously decrease or completely eliminate pain and improve stability and motion. If for any reason we believe that your knee problem is too serious for this program to correct, we will tell you. Thankfully, over my years of learning and refining our  knee restoration techniques we have seen massive results with chronic knee pain – even for   those “last resort” cases.

Dr. Brian Prax
Active couple practice yoga in a sitting position without knee pain


Experience Knee Solutions

At Knee Solutions, our team is ready to meet and welcome you into our warm, friendly environment. Being able to see the smiles on our patients’ faces is one of the highlights of our days.

Our professional team members are ready to help you. As the heart and soul of our mission here at Knee Solutions, our team treats every patient like family. We find joy in being able to serve our community.

We are not just another healthcare provider. We look to establish ourselves as a symbol of hope and relief in our community. Come visit us today, start your first consultation, and discover what a 5-star experience in eliminating knee pain is like.

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